Step 1 : Technical Package
Customer sends Technical Package for garment costing & development. Usman Knitwear quotes the garment price. Upon Customer’s acceptance of the price , the Technical Package is forwarded to Sampling Department.
Step 2 : Product Development
Customer’s design and size specifications are converted into graded paper patterns. The sample garments are cut and sewn in the Sampling Department and submitted to the merchandsing group for inspection and onward submission to the Customer.
Step 3 : Sampling and Customer Confirmation
We make samples as per customer demand and send by fast courier service to our valid customer. After customer final approval we come to production.
Step 4 : Garment Cutting
Upon Customer approval of the garment sample,bulk fabric and trims are released to the Cutting Department for production cutting on approved patterns..
Step 5 : Garment Stitching
Cut parts are sewn into complete garments in the Stitching Department. Point checking stations embedded in the Stitching Department to ensure in-line quality control.
Step 6 : Trimming
Loose threads and excess fabric is trimmed from the garments in Trimming Department.
Step 7 : General Checking
Initial checking of the complete sewn garments occurs in the General Checking Department. Garments with material defects are removed and sent to the Irregulars (IR) Store. Garment requiring alterations are sent to the stitching department for alterations. Altered garments are recylcled back to this department for re-checking.All garments are checked for adherence to the approved specifications.
Step 8 : Final Checking
The Final Checking Department re-checks the garments passed by General Checking. As before reject gaments are sent to the IR store, garments requiring alterations to the stitching department and acceptable garments are forwarded to the Press Department. All garments are re-checked for adherence to the approved specifications.
Step 9 : Pressing
Garments released by Final Checking are forwarded to the Pressing Department.




Step 10 : Packing
Pressed garments are folded, tagged and packed into individual polyester bags and then into export- worthy cartons in the Packing Department . Additionally, all cartons are secured with plastic taping. For infant and children products all garments are passed through a metal detector machine before placing them in the cartons All Cartons carry the specified Shipping Marks & Numbers, Gross and Net Weight information, Bar Code, Carton Strength information and any other information requested by the customer.
Step 11 : Final Audit
Packed garments are inspected for Quality Assurance by third party inspection aganecies and/or our in-house Quality Assurance team.
Step 12 : Garment Testing
Packed garments are also tested for wash/llight fastness, shrinkage, skewing and dimensional stabilty in our in-house Laboratory.
Step 13 : Warehousing
Packed garments are stored in the Finished Goods Warehouse for shipment.
Step 14 : Shipment
Packed cartons are numbered and loaded into containers for journey to the Customer’specified destination.


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